Safety handles P-Kube Fast FG Series

Fast FG Series Handle


The P-KUBE Fast safety handles are designed to install Pizzato Elettrica’s FD and FG series safety switches to machine guards quickly and easily,y offering an effective solution to machine designers and installers for problems relating to the mechanical precision of guard movements, as well as for critical environmental conditions.

The P-KUBE Fast safety handles, unlike other products on the market, combine their compactness and lightness resulting from the sliding movement, with the robustness of the upper end models, which are distinguished by a higher weight, more bulky dimensions and greater construction complexity.


Housing Material: Aluminium

Protection rating: IP 67

Model Description Image
VF AP-S13BP-200 with internal lever for emergency escape and screwed-on aluminium grip
VF AP-S13BP-300 with internal lever for emergency escape and screwed-on plastic grip
VF AP-S13BZ-200 with screwed-on aluminium grip
VF AP-S13BZ-300 screwed-on plastic grip