SAFEMASTER W – Wireless Enabling Switch

Enhance Automation Safety with SAFEMASTER W Wireless Enabling Switch

Elevate Safety in Automation with SAFEMASTER W Wireless Enabling Switch. Designed for enhanced safety in hazardous areas, this compact hand-held transmitter and radio safety switch combination ensures secure operations during calibrations and troubleshooting

Sometimes, people must enter into the hazardous areas of running machines or systems in order to calibrate the machine or remedy a problem. The wireless enabling switch of the SAFEMASTER W series is the ideal companion for your safety in such situations. It switches off any dangerous movements in just a fraction of a second. The system consists of a lightweight, ultra-compact hand-held transmitter and a radio safety switch with safety-oriented outputs. The signal transmission via radio and/or infra-red ensures that only systems in the field of vision of the hand-held transmitter can be activated.