SELOS + FASIS – Din Rail Terminal

Terminal Block Mounting System


selos con with screw terminals

The selos series combines the classic screw connection with modern connection technology, prioritizing customer advantages and streamlined efficiency in wiring and the supply chain. Engineered for machinery, plant construction, and hazardous explosive environments, Selos sets the standard for reliability and performance.

fasis con with plug-in connection

fasis CON presents a versatile DIN rail terminal block system featuring a pluggable outgoing feeder, delivering modular and cost-effective solutions across all stages of an electrical system’s lifecycle. As an integral component of the renowned fasis WKFN system, it inherits its high-performance characteristics. With options for feed-through and ground DIN rail terminal blocks, along with a diverse range of wiring termination points and sockets for pluggable connectors, fasis CON emerges as a cost-effective, high-performance, and plug-and-play system solution.



  • Cost-optimized installation and maintenance times
  • Small numbers of components
  • Can be assembled individually
  • Pre-assembled modules

Technical Specifications

Part Number Description
58.503.0055.0 WT2.5 TERMINAL V0
58.503.0055.6 WT2.5 TERMINAL BLUE V0
58.503.9055.0 WT2.5 EARTH TERMINAL V0
58.504.0055.0 WT4 TERMINAL Grey
58.504.0055.1 WT4 TERMINAL Black
58.504.0055.2 WT4 TERMINAL White
58.504.0055.5 WT4 TERMINAL Red
58.504.0055.6 WT4 TERMINAL Blue
58.504.9055.0 WT4 EARTH TERMINAL V0
07.313.2555.0 AP WT 2.5-10 END PLATE
07.313.2655.0 TW WT 2.5-10 PARTITION PLATE
98.300.1000.0 TS35/SL RAIL slotted
Z5.522.7453.0 9708/S35 END BRACKET PLASTIC
Z5.522.8553.0 9708/2S35 END BRACKET FOR TS35
Z5.523.9353.0 WEF 1 / 35 END BRACKET NYLON
Markers Numeric or Alpha
04.841.XXXX.0 9704A/ MARKER packs of 250pcs