Safety Limit/Position Switches

Pizzato’s FD Series Safety Limit/Position switches play a crucial role in automation, serving as reliable safety devices. These position switches, designed by Pizzato, are widely installed in industrial machinery worldwide. Their versatility allows them to adapt to various configurations, making them essential components for ensuring safety in automated systems.

With a focus on safety, the FD series of position switches is engineered to withstand challenging environments. Featuring a robust metal powder-coated body, these switches achieve a high level of protection with an IP67 rating when combined with compatible cable glands.

Pizzato offers a wide range of options to meet diverse needs. Customers can choose from 17 contact blocks and 29 actuators, enabling precise customization for their applications. Additionally, M12 connector versions are available to provide flexibility in connectivity.

The contact blocks provided by Pizzato adhere to stringent safety standards, including IEC 60947-5-1 and EN 60947-5-1. This compliance ensures reliable and secure contact opening, making these switches suitable for critical safety applications.

Pizzato’s FD Series Safety Limit/Position switches are indispensable safety devices that enhance automation systems, offering versatility, durability, and adherence to safety standards.