PODIS – EV Charging

The decentralised distribution for EV chargers


Product Overview

Podis® is the ideal solution for setting up a charging infrastructure with decentralized power distribution, offering a flexible and scalable system where station locations can easily be changed along the main power bus, using power bus systems to distribute energy. This system allows for a large number of charging stations to be connected with one supply cable, allowing for the option to add more stations later.

The system is most importantly:

  • Time Saving Installions
  • Flexible
  • Safe

How does it compare with PODIS Classic?


The System

Description Model Part Number
Flat Cable 5G16 Li2HH 00.770.0307.1
Cable End Cap Podis®5G16 Z6.563.6553.0
Feed-In and Tap-off Module M32 FCS 16 5 SI SA M32 75.456.0053.1
End Feed-In M50 FCS 16 5 SA SA M50K 75.450.0214.3