SNA 4044K-A

Safety relay with 4NO+1NC outputs


The SNA 4044K-A is a two channel safety switching device for safety applications with self-monitoring on each ON-OFF cycle. They can be implemented in the extended temperature range up to 65° C, and have the ability to be used with automatic start as well as manual start without monitoring.


Safety rating: Up to SIL 3 Category 4 PL e

Protection rating: IP 40 for housing, IP 20 for terminals


EN ISO 13849-1

EN 62061

EN 80-20/50

EN 50156-1

EN 61511

Part Number Safety Applications Supply Voltage Outputs Ordering Code
SNA 4044K E-Stop, Safety Gate, Light curtains 24V AC/DC 4NO+1NC, 230VAC 6A R1.188.1860.0
SNA 4044K E-Stop, Safety Gate, Light curtains 230VAC 4NO+1NC, 230VAC 6A R1.188.1890.0