wieland podis flat cable system


As the electrical industry continues to evolve, innovations that promise efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness are increasingly essential. The Wieland Podis® flat cable system is one such innovation, redefining how electrical installations are approached, particularly in industrial and commercial environments. As a distributor of this advanced system, Venus Automation is excited to showcase its numerous benefits and applications. Here, we delve into what the Podis® flat cable system is, how it works, and why it stands out in the market.



what is the wieland podis flat cable system?

The podis® flat cable system by Wieland Electric is a decentralized power distribution solution designed to simplify and enhance electrical installations. Unlike traditional systems that rely on numerous round cables and extensive wiring, the podis® system uses flat cables that can connect multiple devices along a single supply line. This system is particularly beneficial for EV charging stations, industrial automation, and building infrastructures like parking garages and production facilities.  Below is a photo of a general installation with conventional wiring. 



how does it work?

The Podis® system operates through a modular, pluggable design that simplifies installation and maintenance. It utilizes a tray cable power bus that connects various power modules, enabling easy integration of components without the need for extensive cabling or complicated setups. The system’s piercing contacts allow for quick and secure connections, eliminating the need for stripping and terminating wires. This design not only speeds up installation but also reduces the potential for errors, ensuring a reliable and robust power distribution network.

special features and implementation

The Podis® system’s decentralized design allows for power distribution across various points in a facility without the need for extensive cabling. This feature simplifies the overall wiring architecture and reduces material costs.

A standout feature of the Podis® system is its piercing contacts, which enable connections to be made without cutting or stripping the cable. This innovation reduces installation time and potential errors, enhancing the overall reliability of the system.

The modular design of the Podis® system supports easy expansion and reconfiguration. Components can be added or moved without significant alterations to the existing setup, making it ideal for dynamic industrial environments.


The plug-and-play nature of the Podis® system simplifies the installation process, allowing for quick and hassle-free setups. This feature is particularly beneficial in time-sensitive projects where minimizing downtime is crucial.

The flat cable design requires less space compared to traditional round cables, making it suitable for installations in confined areas such as underground car parks or compact industrial environments.

key features and benefits

The modular design of the Podis® system significantly reduces installation time. By using piercing contacts and pre-assembled cable sets, the system can be set up quickly and efficiently, reducing labour costs and minimizing downtime. This efficiency and speed in installation are crucial in large-scale industrial projects where time is of the essence. 


Flexibility is another major advantage of the Podis® system. The system’s pluggable modules allow for easy modifications and expansions, which is vital for environments where changes and upgrades are frequent, such as in industrial automation and building technology. This means that the Podis® system can adapt to the evolving needs of a facility without requiring a complete overhaul of the existing infrastructure.



Cost-effectiveness is also a significant benefit of the Podis® system. By simplifying the installation process and reducing the need for extensive cabling, the system cuts down on both material and labour costs. Studies have shown that it can reduce installation costs by up to 75% compared to traditional methods.

These savings can be particularly impactful in large-scale projects where budget constraints are a common concern.


With fewer connections and cables, the Podis® system minimizes the risk of electrical faults. The use of high-quality materials and precise engineering ensures long-term reliability and safety in various applications. This enhanced reliability and safety are crucial in environments where consistent power distribution is critical to operational success.



The Podis® system is versatile and adaptable, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Here are some key areas where the system excels:

Airport Logistics

In airport logistics, the Podis® system is used extensively for baggage handling systems. Its decentralized power distribution and easy installation make it ideal for this application, where reliability and efficiency are paramount. Major airports like Jeddah King Abdulaziz International and London Heathrow have successfully implemented the Podis® system to enhance their baggage handling operations.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry benefits from the Podis® system’s ability to streamline production lines. It supports various conveyor technologies, including skid, floor, and roller conveyors. The system’s modular nature allows for quick reconfigurations and expansions, ensuring high plant availability and reduced downtime during maintenance.

Wind Energy Systems

Wind energy installations, including tower and nacelle electrification, benefit from the Podis® system’s robust and flexible design. It supports the integration of lighting, fieldbus control, and emergency lighting, ensuring safe and efficient operations in harsh environments.

specialised applications


In intralogistics, where efficient material handling is critical, the Podis® system offers seamless power distribution for various conveyor systems. It simplifies the integration of sensors, motor starters, and control modules, making it easier to manage and expand logistic operations.

Mechanical Engineering

For mechanical engineering applications, the Podis® system supports complex machinery setups. It provides reliable power distribution, remote motor starting, and fieldbus control, reducing the complexity and increasing the flexibility of machine installations.

Cranes, Shaft and Tunnels

The system is also ideal for power distribution in cranes, shafts, and tunnels. Its robust design ensures high operational reliability and simplifies on-site diagnostics and maintenance, crucial for these demanding environments.


The Wieland Podis® flat cable system represents a significant advancement in electrical installation technology. Its modular, flexible, and efficient design addresses many of the challenges associated with traditional wiring methods. By reducing installation time, costs, and complexity while increasing reliability and safety, the Podis® system is an invaluable asset in various industrial and commercial applications. Venus Automation is proud to distribute this innovative solution, helping our clients achieve their operational goals with greater ease and efficiency. Explore the potential of the Podis® system and transform your electrical installations today.