Palazzoli Products



Palazzoli specializes in manufacturing electrical appliances with safety features that are protected and watertight, for industrial, marine, civil, agricultural and OEM applications.

The offer of PALAZZOLI extends to a wide range of products, that are flexible to specifically tailor in accordance to the needs of the customer.

There product line is certified for quality assurance to the technical and safety standards as of the European and other International quality standards.

Palazzoli undertakes the commitment towards all end-users to offer reliable, safe and lasting quality products at the best service.

Lighting Products
Specialised lighting products for Industrial, Marine, Tunnel and ATEX environments.
Electrical Systems Products
Safety Certified Electrical control modules, plug/socket and wired boards installation products
ATEX Series ATEX Safety Certified production line featuring Electrical modules, connectors, adaptors and lighting.
Marine Applications
Marine Safety Certified, IP66/67 rated Electrical Applications and Lighting.
Industry Applications Industrial plants, storage warehouses, sports and shopping centers and food sectors constitute a field of application for which Palazzoli has developed products with high electrical and lighting performance, great ease of installation and total absence of maintenance.
Infrastructures Applications

High electrical and lighting performance, high mechanical standards and product reliability are the basis of Palazzoli’s success in the field of tunnels and galleries.