Five direction actuation RF coded


The Euchner CES-AR-C uniquely-coded RFID switches monitor the movement of machine guards through the application of inductive coding. These systems feature an inductive read head with built-in evaluation and a digitally coded actuator operating in five directions, and are suitable for applications with many safety doors requiring monitoring.


Possible to connect up to 20 safety switches in series

Integrated short circuit monitoring by pulsing

Large actuating range

High level of protection against tampering

Adjustable actuating head with 5 approach directions (only housing C01)

Mounting compatible with standard housing according to EN 60947-5-2 (only housing C01)

Read Heads

Model Product Number Switching Distance Direction of Actuation Protection Type
CES-AR-C01-CH-SA 098 942E S on ≤ 18 mm 5 Directions IP 67
CES-AR-C01-AH-SA 098 941E S on ≤ 18 mm 5 Directions IP 67


Model Shape Product Number
CES-AR-BPA Square 098 775E
CES-A-BBA Rectangular 071 840E

Safety Controllers

Model Product Number Read Head Capacity Contacts
CES-AZ-UES-01B 105139E – Spring terminals
104756E – Screw terminals
1 2 N/O Relays and 1 Auxiliary S/C
CES-AZ-UES-02B 105140E – Spring terminals
104771E – Screw terminals
2 2 N/O Relays and 1 Auxiliary S/C
CES-AZ-UES-04B 105141E – Spring terminals
104776E – Screw terminals
4 2 N/O Relays and 1 Auxiliary S/C


Model Length and Connection Type Product Number
Y connector 097 627E
End terminator 097 645E
Connecting cable for first switch on chain 10 metres, M12, 8 pins C8D10
Connecting cable with flying lead 10 metres, M12, 5 pins CD10
Male connector M12, 5 pins BS8151-0/9