SENTIR Edge 15.25 TT

For machine tool automated doors


The safety contact edges of ASO GE-series are highly flexible profiles to be adapted to doors and equipment in an optimum manner. They are part of a worldwide patented system which is suited for rapid and comfortable self-assembly.


Protection rating: IP 65 (IP 68 on request)

Dimensions: W 15mm x H 23.5mm


DIN EN ISO 13856-2

DIN EN 12978

DIN EN ISO 13849-1

UL 325

Part Number Mounting Profile Connecting Plug
SENTIR edge 15.25 TT Retainer: AL 15-9 Plug’N’Sense System with resistor:

KS 4 W – 15.25 Set

Plug’N’Sense System with cable:

KS 4 L 0.5m – 15.25 Set

KS 4 L 2.5m – 15.25 Set

KS 4 L 5.0m – 15.25 Set