T logic, 2 through-beam sensors


Muting arms kit – T Muting logic 2 crossed beams Muting arms with 2 through-beam sensors. Can be used in conjunction with Safegate access control barriers to create a Two-way access control system with Entry-Exit T Muting logic.


Max. time between the 2 Muting activation signals: 4 sec.

Possibility to use with photocells, proximity sensors, and limit switches

Operative range: 1 – 3.5 m (depending on Muting sensor type)

Muting sensor elements adjustable in height and angle

Max. Muting time-out time: 30 sec. or 9 hours selectable

Muting enable input available

SIL 3 Cat. 4 PL e


2006/42/EC: “Machine Directive”

2014/30/EU: “Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive”

Model Operating Range Opto-Electronic Sensors Muting Logic
MA T2X 1.0m-2.5m 2 crossed beam Two-way access control system with entry-exit T-muting logic


  • columns and floor support columns
  • deflection mirrors for the realization of perimeter protection
  • laser alignment device
  • anti-vibration dampers
  • adjustable brackets