tGard is the new innovative approach to controlling access to hazardous machinery and equipment. It is a compact metal bodied system that enables the configuration of various safety products including electrical safety gate switches (with or without guard locking), mechanical trapped key interlocks, and electrical operator controls, either as separate devices or integrated into one device.

tGard offers “a customised safety solution, as standard” and is defined by a range of tGard elements, including selector switches, safety switches (solenoid and non solenoid), personnel keys (safety keys), emergency release, push buttons, estops, indicator lamps and a choice of operating handles for both hinged and sliding guard doors. These elements are simply selected and then assembled into a robust housing, suitable for mounting onto machine guarding, providing the user with an exact configuration specific to the application.


Metal body construction at competitors plastic price point

Customisable as standard – select your elements to create your tailored interlock

Stylish design enhances the workplace aesthetics

Unrivalled choice of control options

Very easy to install – four fixings only

IP 65 protection rating standard


AS 4024.1601-2006