TP Switch with Escape Release

Cat 3, PL d –  Plastic Switch with Escape Release


The TP series of safety switches are interlocking devices with guard locking (separate actuator). The actuator has a low coding level. In combination with a safety guard and the machine control, this safety component prevents the safety guard from being opened while a dangerous machine function is being performed.


Housing material: Reinforced thermoplastic

Protection rating: cable entry IP67, plug connector IP65

Mechanical life: 10^6 operating cycles


EN ISO 13849-1

EN ISO 12100

IEC 62061

EN ISO 13849-1

EN ISO 14119

EN 60204-1


Model Contacts Product Number Housing Material Cable Entry Protection Type
TP3-2131A024MC1993 2 N/C 095 374E Reinforced Thermo Plastic M20 x 1.5 IP 67