SIN 1130

Safety Switch with Versatile Actuator Selection


The mechanical safety switches in the SIN series are suitable for the secure locking (guard locking) of safety doors until a hazardous machine process has ended. The safety switches have two independent contact blocks which reflect the position of the actuator on the one hand and the position of the guard locking on the other.


Housing material: Thermoplastic GV (UL94-V0)

Drawing force: >27 N

Protection rating: IP67

Contacts: 3 NC, 1 NO


EN 60947-1


EN ISO 13849-1

EN 62061

MODEL Operating Voltage Contacts Product Number Separate Actuator Housing Material Hold On Force Rating
SIN 1130 24V DC 3 N/C and 1N/C R1.310.1130.0 Yes Thermoplastic 1500 N IP 67

SIN 900x Series Actuators

The SIN 900x series actuators are for use with the SIN 1000 and SIN 2000 switches by Wieland. This includes standard, radius, dust protection and flexible actuators to suite any requirements.

Model Product Number Actuators Specifications
SIN 9001 R1.310.9001.0 Standard Actuator
  • Actuating head material: Thermoplastic GV / ZN-GD
  • Mechanical life: 10^7 switching cycles
SIN 9002 R1.310.9002.0 Radius Actuator
SIN 9003 R1.310.9003.0 Radius Actuator with Dust Protection
SIN 9004 R1.310.9004.0 Actuator Flexible
SIN 9005 R1.310.9005.0 Actuator Transverse