SVM 4001 K

Standstill monitoring unit for 1- and 3-phase motors


Standstill monitoring for 1- and 3-phases motor without sensor system. Drives of machine tools without movement sensor systems can be monitored with standstill monitoring. The outputs contacts of the equipment open if the drive moves or there is a failure in the system. The output contacts are potential-free NO contacts, they can be used to lock a safety cover or for an emergency stop function.


Safety rating: Up to SIL 3 Category 4 PL e

Protection rating: IP 40 for housing, IP 20 for terminals


EN ISO 13849-1

EN 62061

EN 60664-1

EN 61508


Model Product Number Safety Applications Supply Voltage Outputs and Switching Voltage (AC1)
SVM 4001 K R1.188.4020.0 Standstill monitoring
(Back EMF for single and three phase motors, no additional components required)
24 VDC 2 N/O
230 VAC, 6 A