DOLD – UG 6970

Safety relay


The DOLD UG 6970 multifunctional safety module provides protection of men and machines by enabling and disabling a safety circuit. It is used together with e-stop buttons, safety gates, light curtains with self testing (type 4) to IEC/EN 61496-1, 2-hand buttons on presses for metal processing and productions machines with dangerous closing movements (type III C to EN ISO 13851) and safety mats, edges and tape switches. Simply select 2 out of 6 safety functions on rotary switches – ready. This reduces divers types of safety modules in stock and simplifies your disposition.


Width      22.5 mm

Complies with

PL      4

SIL CL      3

SIL      3

In accordance with EN 50156-1 for furnace installations

Line fault detection at the start button

Activation via start button or automatic start,
joint start possible

With or without cross fault detection

Channel      2

Output contacts      2 per safety function

1 semiconductor monitoring output per safety function

Housing protection std      IP 40 IEC/EN 60529

Terminals protection std       IP 20 IEC/EN 60529

Cover      Sealable transparent cover



EN ISO 13849-1

IEC/EN 62061

IEC/EN 61508

IEC/EN 61511

EN 50156-1

IEC/EN 60529


Part Number Supply Voltage Contacts Article Number
UG6970.04 24 V DC 2 NO Contacts 0065426


Enhance Safety and Automation with the UG 6970 Multifunctional Safety Module

Optimizing both safety and automation within your industrial operations is a top priority. The Dold UG 6970 multifunctional safety module provides a powerful solution to achieve this by offering a comprehensive safety feature set in a compact and user-friendly design.

Boosting Safety and Efficiency

The UG 6970 acts as a vital safeguard for personnel and machinery. It integrates seamlessly with various safety devices commonly used in automated environments, including:

  • Emergency Stop Buttons
  • Safety Gates
  • Light Curtains
  • Two-Hand Controls
  • Safety Mats and Edges

By monitoring these safety elements, the UG 6970 can trigger immediate shutdowns or prevent operation when unsafe conditions are detected. This significantly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries while ensuring smooth operation within your automated systems.

Unparalleled Safety Ratings

The UG 6970 prioritizes safety by adhering to the highest industry standards. It achieves:

  • Performance Level (PL) e and Category 4 according to EN ISO 13849-1
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 according to IEC/EN 62061

These certifications guarantee the module’s effectiveness in safeguarding personnel and machinery within your automated processes.

Simplified Configuration and Integration

The UG 6970 is designed for user-friendliness. Its configuration requires no programming, thanks to intuitive rotary switches for selecting safety functions. This simplifies setup and streamlines integration with your existing automation systems.

Additional Highlights

  • Compact design (22.5 mm width) for space-saving installation
  • Multiple output options for flexible integration
  • Available with pluggable or screw terminals for easy installation and maintenance
  • UL listed for broad applicability

Application example