SNE1 black DIN rail relay


2NC Changeover expansion relay

SNE1 black DIN rail relay


The SNE1 is an output expansion relay with 2 changeover contacts (both NC and NO connections). A socket is used for wiring and mounting to the DIN rail, while the relay itself can be popped out for quick replacement.

SNE1 black DIN rail relay


Safety rating: Up to SIL 3 Category 4 PL e (depending on the safety category of the basic device or the safety control)

SNE1 black DIN rail relay


EN 61810-5

EN 50205 (type B)

Part Number Safety Applications Supply Voltage Outputs Ordering Code
SNE1 Relay output expansion 24VDC 2 changeover (NO+NC), 250VAC 8A R1.188.3950.0

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