ELMON Rail 41-322

Cat. 3 / PL d, 230VAC/DC with 2 forcibly actuated relay contact


The ELMON rail 41-322 switching device is used to evaluate sensors such as safety contact mats, safety contact edges and safety bumpers for securing crush and shear locations. An ASO sensor can be connected to the switching device. The steady-state current monitoring of the sensor is made possible by an integrated terminating resistor in the sensor. Furthermore, the device can also evaluate a sensor in four-wire technology. If the desired steady-state current flows, the safety relays are driven and the switching contacts closed. If the sensor is operated or the sensor circuit is interrupted, the relay switching contacts open.


Protection rating: IP 20

Safety rating: Category 3 PL e


EN ISO 13849-1:2015

EN 62061:2013


Model Supply Voltage Outputs Safety Protection Safety Category and Performance Level
ELMON rail 41-322 24VAC/DC


2x Forcibly actuated relay contact IP 20 Cat. 3 / PL d