Analogue Input Expansion Modules

Safe Analog Inputs


Analogue expansion modules can be added to existing samos® PRO and samos® PRO compact systems to provide an increased number of safe inputs and outputs for any safety system. A maximum of 12 modules can be connected to the main CPU via the safety bus connections inbuilt into each module.

All SP-SA Modules have:

  • 4 safe analog inputs
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Limits monitoring
  • Mathematical functions
  • Scaling

Model Product Number Inputs Supply Voltage
SP-SAR4-A R1.190.1610.0 4 safe RTD Inputs 24 VDC
SP-SAC4-A R1.190.1630.0 4 safe 0-20mA Current Inputs 24 VDC
SP-SACR22-A R1.190.1650.0 2 safe RTD Inputs

2 safe 0-20mA Current Inputs

24 VDC