Photocells Micron M5

Multibeams Photocells


Through-beam barrier type photocell with 5 beams.

Solution for piece counting and detection of object presence/absence in the controlled field.

Ideal for use as a Muting sensor in palletizers that handle irregular loads and pallets.

With a compact metal housing and a polycarbonate protective front window it offers the right degree of robustness ideal also in the most demanding environments.

Backlit top cover with status LED.


Operative range (m): 0 – 3

Beam spacing (mm): 10

Measurement time (ms): <100


2006/42/EC: “Machine Directive”

2014/30/EU: “Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive”

Model Operating Range
Micron M5-A 0m-3.5m
Micron M5-B 0m-3.5m
Micron M5H-A Long Range 0m-5m
Micron M5H-B Long Range 0m-5m


  • columns and floor support columns
  • deflection mirrors for the realization of perimeter protection
  • laser alignment device
  • anti-vibration dampers
  • adjustable brackets