Rope pull switch with a reinforced thermo plastic housing.


The body of the RPS-SC rope pull switch is made with reinforced thermo plastic, providing a protection rating of  IP67.

The RPS-M combines both safety and ease of installation with a mushroom head emergency stop button, reset from the switch housing, a visible rope status indicator, and fast action clamping head for quick mounting.

With internal settings to supporting a suitable rope length of up to 25, 37.5 & 75 metres.


EN ISO 13849-2

EN 60947-1

EN 60947-5-1

EN 60947-5-5

EN ISO 13850

Technical Diagram

Model Product number Order Number Actuating Force Pre-failure monitoring Switching Element
RPS-SC RPS 2131SC100M 094 430E 100 N 3 N/C
1 N/O
RPS-SC RPS 2131SC175M 094 431E 175 N 3 N/C
1 N/O
RPS-SC RPS 3131SC300M 094 432E 300 N 3 N/C
1 N/O