Venus Automation

EOS2 X Body Protection

Cat 2 Light curtains with 90mm resolution


The EOS series provides a wide range of body, hand and finger-protection light curtains. Body protection curtains can guard access points to a dangerous area where the danger is a large distance from the curtain. EOS2 curtains consist of Emitter plus Receiver with integration of additional
functions such as control of feedback from any external contactors and management of
manual/automatic operation.


Built-in, selectable manual/automatic Start/Restart.

Feedback input for controlling external relays (EDM).

Two safety PNP static outputs, auto-controlled.

All connections and setting adjustments through M12 5-pole and 8-pole connectors.

Unshielded cables up to 100 meter long.

Master and Slave models for series connection of up to 3 light curtains.

Max. length of connections toward Slaves: 50 meters, through standard unshielded cable.


IEC/TS 61496-2

IEC 61508 – IEC 62061

ISO 13849-1