Risk Assessment


Safety Design

Risk assessment to both AS 4024.1-2014 and EN ISO 13849-1 standards.
A risk assessment includes a comprehensive assessment of plant or equipment, identification and categorisation of risks and provides comprehensive risk control recommendations.
Safety validation analysis complying with AS4024.1502-2006 standards.
This includes assessment of existing safety designs against the standards through evaluation of selected components and testing of safety related hardware and software.
Safety design includes component selection, hardware (safety schematics), software development and customer training.
This can be applied for upgrading of existing safety systems, or newly imported/designed machines with no safety systems present.

Engineering Drawings


Product Knowledge

Venus Automation can provide engineering drawings and wiring diagrams for electrical designs which adhere to the AS4024.1501-2014 standards.
This allows for easier upgrading and installing of new safety components into existing electrical systems.
Our lead engineer is CESE(Certified Electrical Safety Engineer & Certified Trainer) TÜV SAAR and provides CESE training courses.
One-day machine safety training courses are also available which includes practical wiring exercises for hands-on training.
With over 25 years of machine safety automation experience, we can provide information on a wide range of safety products and their application to machine safety.
This ensures you receive the most effective, reliable and cost-effective solutions whilst meeting the Machinery Safety Standard and Work Place Health and Safety Act and Regulations.