Hand Held Transmitter


SAFEMASTER W – is an innovative wireless safety system for protection of man and machine. The wireless remote control can be taken to the hazard zones by the operator, thus serving as a quickly reachable and safe Emergency Stops. The Wireless Safety System features a safety transmission path for signal transmission from remote control to radio-controlled safety module. In addition, the system offers configuration of application-specific control functions that can be operated through the remote control as well. Hard-wired safety elements can be integrated into the system too.


Safety rating: Up to SIL 3 Category 4 PL e

Protection rating: IP 65


EN ISO 13849-1

EN 62061

EN 61800-5-2

IEC 61508

EN 61511

Model Number Range Battery Rating
BI 6910 Radio Receiver and RE 6910 Transmitter Approximately 150-200m under industrial ambient conditions

Approximately 600m in open area

Lithium-ion IP 65