EKS Light is optimized for quick, straightforward integration into a control system environment. For this purpose the Electronic-Key has a pre-defined data structure that is evaluated directly by the read-only station.

With EKS Light you therefore procure not just the EKS hardware, but an integrated solution for managing user groups (who is allowed to access what?) and access levels (what is the user allowed to do?).

For this purpose the data structure on the Electronic-Key and the evaluation electronics in the read-only station form a closed system with user group identification and up to 16 access levels that can used directly for a suitable application.

Note standard EKS Light system is not safety rated. EKS Light FSA is safety rated.


Housing material: PA 6 GF30 Grey plastic

Protection rating: IP 67 (when in mounted condition)

Model Product Code Description Safety Rated
EKS-A-IPLA-G01-ST05/04 112207 Single unit with electronic-key adaptor and electronics housed Yes
EKS-A-APRA-G08 Interface adapter (Modular) 113645 Interface adapter with 4-bit parallel interface for use with FHM Yes
EKS-A-SFH-G30-2000 106585 Electronic-Key adapter EKS Front hook modular FHM, with flying lead Yes
EKS-A-SFH-G30-ST150 116118 Electronic-Key adapter EKS Front hook modular FHM, with M8 male plug Yes