UH 5947

Speed and Standstill Monitor


The speed monitor UH 5947 provides safe monitoring of motors and rotating equipment. It is used in machines and plants where machine movements or moving parts can be a danger to men and machine. Using the front side display the parameters can be easily and comfortably adapted to the individual application or changed when necessary.


Safety rating: SIL 3 Category 4 PL e

Protection rating: IP 40 for housing, IP 20 for terminals


EN ISO 13849-1

EN 62061

EN 61800-5-2

IEC 61508

EN 61511

Model Number Voltage Range Advantages Product Code Safety Rating
UH5947.04PS 24VDC Three in one

  • Safe speed monitoring in automatic and set up operation
  • Safe standstill monitoring
  • Safe integrated gate monitoring
 0063472 Category 4 PLe SIL 3