Product overview

The UH 6900 wireless safety system offers new options and solutions in the field of functional safety. The system offers safety-oriented, bidirectional wireless transmission of E-stop and control functions offering greater flexibility for the protection of hazardous areas up to Cat. 4 / PL e or SIL 3.

Model NumberRangeRadio FrequencySafety InputsInput VoltageSafety Rating
UH 6900.03 (3 NO) or UH 6900.22 (2 NO + 1 NC)Radio transmission up to 800m in open area. The distance can vary with the ambient conditions of the remote
control and the receiver aerial (roof construction, metal walls etc.)
64 channels 433 MHz or 12 channels 869 MHz3 ( Dual channel)24V DCCat 4, PLe SIL 3