STS RFID Switches 01xx 02xx

Product Overview

The non-contact safety switches from the STS series are used for monitoring the position of doors and guards in machine safety applications. .

Up to 30 switches can be wired in series while maintaining a CAT 4 / PLe safety level. An additional signal output and a tri-color LED indicator are available to identify the status of individual switches. Integrated automatic reset, manual reset and EDM functionality are possible. The robust 400mA outputs can also be used to drive considerable loads.

The STS sensor/actuator sets can be purchased in coded, fully coded (teachable), and unique (match made by factory) versions in compliance with the coding type requirements set forth in ISO 14119.

The compact size, 5 directions of approach and IP6k9k (IP69K) protection offer the flexibility to use these switches in virtually any applications.

M12, T-connectors are available to facilitate series connection of the switches outside the control panel. It is even possible to connect them in series while retrieving the annunciation signal for each individual switch.

Note more models are available, please call for more information.

ModelCodingOutputsProduct numberSwitching DistanceDirection of ActuationProtection Type
STS 0110 Switch set (M12 8 pin connector) Coded2 OSSDR1.400.0110.0S on ≤ 8 mm5 directionIP 67
STS 0130 Switch set (M12 8 pin connector)Fully coded2 OSSDR1.100.0130.0S on ≤ 8 mm5 directionIP 67
STS 0150 Switch set (M12 8 pin connector)Uniquely Coded2 OSSDR1.100.0150.0S on ≤ 8 mm5 directionIP 67
STS 0210 Switch set (M12 8 pin connector)Coded2 OSSDR1.400.0210.0S on ≤ 8 mm5 directionIP 67
STS 230Switch set (M12 8 pin connector)Fully Coded2 OSSDR1.100.0230.0S on ≤ 8 mm5 directionIP 67
STS 0250 Switch set (M12 8 pin connector)Uniquely Coded2 OSSDR1.100.0250.0S on ≤ 8 mm5 directionIP 67