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Product Overview

The M5 is a through beam barrier type photocell with 5 beams and is ideal for installation as Muting sensor and allows for the detection of the most difficult objects such as stacks of pallets. The unit includes an inbuilt status signalling lamp.

ModelOperating RangeOutput on ReceiverNumber of BeamsBeam SpacingEmission Angle and WavelengthCable Connection
M5 (A coding and B coding, installation of two M5 next to each other)0m-3.5m0 or 24V (PNP 100 mA 24 VDC) dark-on510mm5°, 940nm modulated infraredM12 5-pole on emitter and receiver


  • columns and floor support columns
  • deflection mirrors for the realization of perimeter protection
  • laser alignment device
  • anti-vibration dampers
  • adjustable brackets