Light Curtain Accessories

Reer light curtains have a range of accessories to adapt the products to your specific needs. The range of accessories that are available for safety light curtains includes:

  • Columns and floor support columns
  • Deflection mirrors for perimeter protection
  • Laser alignment
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • Adjustable brackets
  • Test rod
  • Cables

Part Numbers

Protected Height (mm)Overall Height (mm)Order/Model Number
160213EOS2 153X
310363EOS2 303X
460513EOS2 453X
610663EOS2 603X
760813EOS2 753X
910963EOS2 903X
10601113EOS2 1053X
12101263EOS2 1203X
13601413EOS2 1353X
15101563EOS2 1503X
18101911EOS2 1803X