TP Bolt Standard



  • Steel bolt
  • For left or right hinged doors
  • Can be locked in open position with padlocks
  • Actuator included
  • Robust construction
  • Easily fitted to standard aluminum profiles and machine covers by screw connection
  • Distinctive yellow color for easy recognition
  • Symmetrical design for doors hinged on the right or left
  • No additional door handle necessary
  • Bolts for safety switches NP…AS and TP…A are identical
  • Switch bracket NP is only suitable for series NP…AS
  • Switch bracket TP is only suitable for the series TP…A and GP
  • Order safety switch and switch bracket separately (see accessories)
Part NumberProduct SpecificationOrder Number
Bolt 0 TPFor left or right hinged door without detent073 535E
Bolt 1 TPFor right of left door with detent073 536E
Switch Bracket for TP073 539E