Speed and frequency monitor UH 6937

UH 6937

The UH 6937 speed and frequency monitor allows for over and under frequency monitoring of single of 3-phase AC systems.  Universal measuring inputs for AC-voltages of 8 … 280 V for single-phase monitoring as well as 16 … 690 V for single- and 3-phase monitoring.

The UH 6937 can be used for safety applications up to PL e Cat 4 and SIL3. The device can be easily configured using front side display, without the need of a PC.

Model NumberInput VoltageVoltage RangeInput FrequencyOutputs
UH 693724VE1a-E2L, E1b-E3L:
AC 8 … 280 V
E1a-E2H, E1b-E3H:
AC 16 … 690 V
Up to 700Hz or 1200Hz depending on version2 NO contacts