Samos Programmable Safety Controllers


samos® PRO COMPACT is the compact, high performance safety controllor for machine building and system engineering. One samos® PRO COMPACT system monitors up to 116 safe inputs and 56 safe outputs. The samos® PRO COMPACT is programmed through the graphics-oriented and free of charge programming tool samos® PLAN5+.

Expansion Modules

For comprehensive applications, the samos® PRO COMPACT system can be extended with additional modules to as many as 116 secure inputs and 56 secure outputs – ideal precondition for flexible, secure automation, even for larger machines and systems.

samos® PLAN software

The project planning tool samos®PLAN6+ for samos® pro compact now offers users still more support, directly extending through all life phases of a machine. • Comprehensive library of reliable, certified function blocks • Configurable project documentation at the press of a button • Integrated simulation and logic analysis of the safety functions • Convenient integration in the fieldbus and Ethernet networks • Online diagnosis and remote maintenance for more transparency

samos® Pro

If you have an existing system with the samos Pro unit, or you require the Samos Plan 1.3 software for programming. Please contact us directly.