MOSAIC Programmable Safety Controllers


Mosaic is certified to the highest safety levels, established by industrial safety standards: SIL 3, SILCL 3, PL e, Cat. 4.

Mosaic comprises a master unit M1 configurable via the MSD (Mosaic Safety Designer) graphic interface – provided with each master unit at no extra cost – and a maximum of 14 expansion units connectable to M1 via the MSC proprietary bus.

Expansion Modules

Expansion modules can be paired with the M1 master unit to provide additional inputs and outputs, or additional features such as safety relays, safety speed monitoring and compatibility with industry standards including Profibus DP, DeviceNET, CANopen, Ethernet IP, EtherCAT, PROFINET and USB.

Mosaic Safety Designer (MSD)

The MSD software is the free of charge, easy to use and intutitive MOSAIC configuration software.

The software includes a simple Drag & Drop configuration of all safety functions, functional validation of design, configuration of parameters of function blocks, real-time monitoring of I/O status, Single or bi-directional 2 or 4 sensor muting function blocks and 2-level password management for prevention of unauthorised access.