Electronic Key System (EKS FSA)

EKS System overview

EKS with data interface offers maximum flexibility. As the user you specify the data structure on the Electronic-Key and define how it is to be interpreted. For this purpose you program the processing logic in the control system to suit your needs exactly. In this way numerous possible scenarios can be depicted. For example:

  • Control of certain machine functions
  • Storage of process parameters
  • Traceability of events
  • Storage of an expiry date on the Electronic-Key
  • Different access rights for multiple processes

Modular design (EKS Interface Adapter + EKS Key Adapter)

With the modular design, the Electronic-Key adapter and electronics are mounted physically separated. Due to the separation, the Electronic-Key adapter fits in standard mounting bores with Ø 22.5 mm. The rounded shape of the Electronic-Key adapter and the FDA-approved plastic permit usage in hygienically sensitive areas. With this design the Electronic-Key is only held in front or dropped into place.

  • Electronic-Key adapter mounted physically separated from the electronics
  • Straightforward installation in standard mounting bore Ø 22.5 mm
  • Suitable for hygienic areas
  • Very robust housing for use in extremely harsh environments

Note that the standard EKS system is not safety rated. The EKS FSA system is safety rated.

ModelInterfaceDescriptionProduct CodeSafety Rated
EKS-A-IUXA-G01-ST01/04 FSAUSBSingle unit with electronic-key adaptor and electronics housed098513Yes
EKS-A-IEXA-G01-ST02/03/04 FSAEthernet TCP/IPSingle unit with electronic-key adaptor and electronics housed099265Yes
EKS-A-IDXA-G01-ST09/03/04 FSAPROFIBUS DPSingle unit with electronic-key adaptor and electronics housed100378Yes
EKS-A-IIXA-G01-ST02/03/04 FSAPROFINETSingle unit with electronic-key adaptor and electronics housed106306Yes
EKS-A-AIXA-G18 FSAPROFINETInterface adapter with PROFINET IO interface (Plug in connection terminals not included)122353Yes
EKS-A-SFH-G30-2000Electronic-Key adapter EKS Front hook modular FHM, with flying lead106585Yes
EKS-A-SFH-G30-ST150Electronic-Key adapter EKS Front hook modular FHM, with M8 male plug116118Yes