S23-X M12 4 Pin Straight Connector Cable

Product Overview

The S23 series of M12 Connector cables are straight plug 4 pin with options of PVC and PUR (Polyurethane, halogen free) cable jackets.

PVC cables are well suited to applications for assembly and production with simple mechanical stresses. They are also resistant to acids and alkali chemicals.

PUR cables are well suited to applications requiring small bend radius or are exposed to chemicals such as oils as well as heat. They are also more resistant to abrasion.

Part NumberType of connectorCable Length (m)Number of PinsCable Jacket MaterialProduct Information
S23-2MM12 straight socket24PVCData Sheet
S23-5MM12 straight socket54PVCData Sheet
S23-10MM12 straight socket104PVCData Sheet
S23-2MPUR M12 straight socket24PURData Sheet
S23-5MPURM12 straight socket54PURData Sheet
S23-10MPURM12 straight socket104PURData Sheet